LIVE broadcast – is our profession!

We know perfectly well that real news must be fresh!

Our solutions will allow to transmit a signal from anywhere – anytime!

Mobile live broadcasting solution. Live via multiple bonded GSM networks


Mobile solution for live broadcasting via satellite channels


Solution for transmitting video signal over non-guaranteed networks


Compact mobile satellite communications station EmerLink Sat M

The solution provides:

  • The complex performance does not depend upon the technical condition of the vehicle, since all the equipment in the car is to be installed without any changes in the design of the vehicle Renault Duster. As a result, all equipment can be promptly dismounted and installed in any other vehicle that is suitable for the parameters. No additional vehicle preparation is required

  • High mobility

  • Quality of the broadcasted material is both in standard and high definition

  • Low operational cost

  • Low initial cost

  • Low cost of a satellite communication channel

  • No need to register a special vehicle in the traffic police

  • Ease in operation

  • The possibility to broadcast while driving

  • The complex performance does not depend upon urban development, because broadcasting over GSM network is possible

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