Systems House Business partners: Innovation – is our work


The company System House Business partners, one of the leaders on the domestic market of manufacturers of coding and video transmission, will take part in the exhibition-conference Shabolovka 2.0.

The event will be held from 23 to 28 of November in the capital Broadcasting center at Shabolovka. The exhibition will be open for visitors from 25 to 28 of November. You must first register on the official website


As a part of the exhibition our company Systems House Business partners will present their latest developments. Over the past few years, the company’s specialists have developed and brought to the market a whole range of advanced products based on the innovative codec h.265.


The main pride of System House is EmerLink, a range of equipment, which includes three positions:


1.EmerLink Video – the newest mobile codec with the intuitive user interface that supports up to 9 summation of wired and wireless channels for the reliable video transmission;

2.EmerLink Stream – a high-performance IP codec that can deliver video content anywhere in the world with a minimum load of the Internet channel;

3.EmerLink Lite – software for notebooks that can turn it into a powerful portable video transmitter for combined GSM-networks.


Shabolovka 2.0 is organized by VGTRK in collaboration with the Prospect company with the support of the Ministry of Communications and Roskomnadzor. The event will be attended by the major Russian broadcasters, regional TV stations, as well as representatives of the governors responsible for the media in the regions.

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